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Re: How to assume packaging downgrade in hard case ?

On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 08:44:23AM +0200, rperrot@debian.org wrote:
> I'm packaging Bugzilla but at now I don't know how to
> make downgrade possible.

Why are you even trying? Downgrading is not officially supported in
Debian, there is no reason to allow individual packages to be
downgraded if doing so would be non-trivial.

> In this case I have a solution, that is, regenerate random password
> for all user. But I think this is only the visible part of the iceberg,
> and indeed, that breaks other where.

Gods no, that should be done manually by the admin. Randomized
passwords should be recorded someplace so that the user can be
informed, but this cannot be done safely by a maintainer script. The
only safe thing to do in this case is to disable use of the users, but
that's still unacceptable.

> The mainstream is very active, so for upgrade they maintain a script
> to update database structure. As I call this script in postinst
> upgrade work well. Unfortunately this script isn't done for downgrade.
> It would be very boring to closely fallow upstream change and make
> prerm trying to regenerate old database structure, at least on
> CVS snapshot.

And highly likely to trash the database.

> So how to deal with this?

In prerm, check to see if an attempt is being made to downgrade to an
old version which used the old format. If it is, scream like a banshee
then exit 1, with a note to the effect that a downgrade requires the
package be --purged, reinstalled, and then a pre-upgrade version of
the data files restored from backup media.

Also warn during the upgrade of the package.

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