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Some Packaging Questions


I made a small package as described in the new-maintainer-guid and it worked
without problems. But I still got some little problems/questions:

1) Build-Depends: How can I find out what belongs in build-depends ? I could
   guess, but is there a way to find out for sure ? Last time I forgot
2) Configure: I want to package a second piece of software that uses
   configure-scripts. Where do I have to place "DESTDIR=" and so on ?
   Configure.in ?
3) Perl packages dont have Makefiles, they have Makefile.pl, which is
   usually veeery short. should I call perl Makefile.pl and edit the
   resulting Makefile ? Or is there another way ?
4) new-maintainer-guide refers to a "packaging manual" which I cant find. :)
   Where is it ?


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