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which gcc to use to build packages ?

Hello, ...

I am a bit lost by the gcc and gcc-3.0 issue.

which one of them should i use to build packages with ?

i usually simply used gcc, but friday gcc was apparently broken, so
i built a package with gcc-3.0.

Now, is there a special reason for not having made the gcc 3 the default gcc,
does it have problems for some things (i know there are problems with
older kernels i think). If this is the case, is it reasonable to
build packages with it ? 

Also i know there are some arches who only have gcc 3.0 (ia64 i think).

if i use gcc 3.0, i suppose i must build depend on it or something such ?

I have looked into the gcc 3.0 README.Debian file, but altough they tell 
that there will be 3 gcc versions in debian, they are not clear about what i
should use for packaging.


Sven Luther

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