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Using secondary GPG ID for packages

I had a GPG key before I joined the Debian project, with the address
zeevon@netwinder.org. When I became a DD, I added a secondary ID on my
key for my new e-mail address at d.o.

However, if I try to change this in my control and changelog files for
my packages, I always get an error about not being able to find the
secret key for my d.o e-mail. If I change the address back to my
netwinder.org address (the first one), it works fine.

Is there something that I have overlooked? Now that Rebel.com has gone
down the tubes, I don't know how long my netwinder.org address will be



Warren A. Layton
GPG Fingerprint: F54C 019D 18BE 6ED8 678D  39D0 21FD D515 BFB8 80A3 

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