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AdoptMe Please ... qt front end to APT

Hi peoples,
 I have a GUI front end for APT that is functional (if still a bit quirky 
as yet :)) ... it is still under development, but what is there seems to 
work preetty well so far.

 Its called qaptivate and is apt-getable (except source which is in tar.gz 
or cvs) at:

 deb http://www.linuxmechanix.com/debian ./
 deb http://unilinux.sourceforge.net/debian ./

 Home page (w/docs):

 I'm not a maintainer - I just can't carve out the time to deal with the 
application process at the moment - but if there is anyone out there 
interested in working with qaptivate I would be happy to have that happen. 
Since it really is a Debian native package it seems kinda silly that as 
yet it has nothing to do with the official archives.

 Basically, qaptivate works and needs a sponser - in addition to which it 
would be nice if somebody wanted to help out with development [totally 

 Please feel free to contact me directly if you are interested at 

 Thanks and cheer,


Portland, OR 
503 493 9006

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