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Long time in account creation?


My application manager approved my application (rganesan@myrealbox.com) on
2001-03-21 but the account is yet to be created. Everytime I check the page,
I see no updates to the following status.

DAM Phone Contact Not Required
DAM Approval --
Account Created No
Application Manager Comments

My keys keys weren't signed by debian developer because there was no one
nearby in India - I got my ID verified by sending a jpg file to my
application manager and a phone ID check with a friend in the US. I assume
this is the reason for the delay, though I wish it was mentioned in the
status page.

Now, I finally got my keys signed by the a new debian developer
(rkrishnan@debian.org) who I happen to know and lives in the same city as I
do. I've uploaded my signed keys. So how do I now get the account manager's
attention :-). 


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