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Is it possible to do this using logrotate?


I wonder if anyone has experience with the logrotate utility and can
answer a question about it for me.  After reading the man page discussion
about a copytruncate option, it sounded like it was somehow possible
to copy off a log file and truncate it to length 0, and allow the
logging process to continue unaffected.

After trying this however the behavior I'm seeing is that the log is
copied off, and the logging process is able to continue writing to
the same file descriptor, but the log is not correctly truncated.

Is it actually possible to do this the way I originally hoped with 
logrotate, or have I misinterpretted the documentation?

I realize this isn't strictly speaking a debian question, so I apologize
in advance if this isn't the correct forum for this question.

Steve McWilliams

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