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On Fri, Aug 03, 2001 at 08:31:19PM +0430, Pratik Sinha wrote:
> First Question
> Which one should be preferred???- dh_make or deb-make

i think dh_make (dh stands for debhelper) is to be prefered, maybe even deb-make is obsolet, but am not sure.

anyway, use dh_make and debhelper.

> Second Question
> What are these diff.gz files produced during deb packaging...are they patch files so that when one upgrade the presently existing deb package then one will have to distribute only these patch files rather than bulky packages???

no, these are for distributing source packages as pristine upstream source + patch (the .diff.gz files).

the .diff.gz file contain all the changes you will have to make to your package in order to debianize it.

mostly this will contain the debian subdir, but there could be some subtle changes to the upstream Makefiles, or other bug fixes.

It may be possible to use these .diff.gz when upgrading the source tarball, but it is not possible always, since many time there are changes to the upstream that can make this impossible, like them fixing the bugs you sent to them, ...


Sven Luther

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