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Re: package replacement and lack of disappearing...

On 6 Aug 2001, Robert Bihlmeyer wrote:

> Richard A Nelson <cowboy@debian.org> writes:
> > Nope... In this case, every conffile in one package is also in the other -
> > thats why the sendmail.list file became empty, and the package *SHOULD*
> > disappear.
> conffiles are /not/ the only distinction between removed and purged
> packages. A postrm can do other things on purge (e.g. delete logs)
> that I wouldn't want done automatically because of a conflict. Perhaps
> sendmail's postrm doesn't do anything like that, but dpkg can't know
> this. So this decision is punted to the user.

That makes sense, and no, sendmail's postrm is pretty basic.  I could not
find any of this in the developer's guide...   It seems to imply that if
all files in a package are replaced by a new package, the old package will
'disappear' and that is the behavior I was hoping for

> > 	2) Why did the subsequent purge erase /etc/init.d/sendmail despite
> > 	   the explicit exit 0 above
> This I don't know. I can't get any information on sendmail-tls. Where
> does this package hail from?

I've not released it - it can be built from the sendmail source (though
the rules file really sucks on the current versions - the new one is *MUCH*
nicer and will be released Sun/Mon).
Rick Nelson
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