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Re: Sponsors?

On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 10:01:14PM +0200, Martin Sj|gren wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 09:21:52PM +0200, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> > Ask here, if there is somebody who are interested in the packages you
> > have packaged, you might get a sponsor quicker.
> Why that's a terrific idea =)
> The package is gap, which was orphaned a while ago and I ITA. The package
> description is:
>  gap is a system for computational discrete algebra with particular
>  emphasis on computational group theory, but which has already proved
>  useful also in other areas.   In the example text, gap is used to
>  analyse Rubik's Cube using group theory.  A kernel, which makes
>  use of readline, implements a pascal-like language. Many libraries
>  and data bases are included.  A thorough html manual is included.
> At least, that's the old description, I'm going to change it a bit, and
> split out the manuals in other packages. (gap-doc-dvi, gap-doc-pdf,
> gap-doc-html), and I've packaged a newer upstream version than the current
> gap package, which is frankly oooold.

If you're upgrading it to version 4, be aware that Markus Hetzmannseder
has packaged that (as gap4* - I've just realized that some of them are
sitting in incoming/REJECT though, bah), and I'm sponsoring him. That
said, he hasn't responded to my mails about problems in the packages.

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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