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* Pratik Sinha <prtk-lists@deeproot.co.in> [010803 13:38]:
> what changes do i need to make to the Makefile of a package with respect to DESTDIR??
> why does one need to make this changes??

(I'm not a Debian Developer, but an aspiring one)

You are not forced to change the Makefiles for DESTDIR, it is used in
the debian packaging so that you can use for the install rule something

make install DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/<packagename>

and the package will install into that directory. Normally packages
attempt to install themselves to /usr/local or if they are rude to /usr

The change is needed only if the package currently doesn't support
DESTDIR or prefix setting for the installation.

What to change depends on the package and it's current Makefile state,
If you want I can help with that, send me the Makefile.

If it's an autoconf package (you use ./configure to configure it) it
most likely supports DESTDIR built-in.

Baruch Even

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