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Seeking sponsor for GNOME utility


I'm looking for a sponsor for a utility that I wrote and want to make
available via Debian. It's a simple program that makes issuing queries on
web sites or via programs very efficient in terms of keystrokes.

When invoked, it grabs the X selection and puts it in a text box. You can
then edit the text or enter something completely different and press a key
combination to substitute the text into a URL and launch a web browser
with that URL (for examplpe, Ctrl-g for a Google search, or Ctrl-d to
invoke gdict on the text).

It's useful for doing things that one does frequently like web searches,
dictionary lookups, and so on. I have my window manager configured to
invoke it when I press Alt-~, so I can do things like select a word, press
Alt-~ then Ctrl-d to invoke gdict on the word. Or select an address and
Alt-~ then Ctrl-m to look the address up on Yahoo Maps. Web searches are
as easy as pressing Alt-~, entering the query and pressing Ctrl-g. The
possibilities are numerous and the time savings is substantial.

The mappings from key combo to URL/command line are configurable via a GTK
GUI. It can also be run as an applet in the GNOME toolbar, but I find that
using it as a standalone application is more efficient.

It can be downloaded via apt-get:

  deb http://www.waywardgeeks.org/code/debian unstable main
  deb-src http://www.waywardgeeks.org/code/debian unstable main

the package name is 'lookuplet'.

There is also a web site:



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