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Python upgrade: need help regarding package renaming


[I didn't get a reply on debian-python, so I try here ;-]

I'm struggling with a simple case of 'What-APT-Does-Is-Not-What-I-mean'
while preparing the dependencies for the Python upgrade:

In potato, we had packages python-base and idle (and a variety of other
python-* packages). Now these packages will be renamed python1.5-base
and idle-python1.5 (and python1.5-* resp.). For some reason, I will
provide an empty transitional packages python-base, that depends on
python1.5-base (that's necessary since a lot of other potato packages
have versioned dependencies on python-base).

Now how do I set Depends/Replaces/Conflicts/Provides so that in case of
an "apt-get install python-base",

(a) if somebody has installed idle and python-base: the idle package
    will be removed, and the new python-base, python1.5-base and
    idle-python1.5 packages will be installed.

(b) if somebody has installed python-base, but no idle: the new
    python-base and python1.5-base packages will be installed (but no

The Packages file at
contains the first of several trials I made, but to no avail.

I also tried to make idle-python1.5 "Replace: idle", and/or to "Provide:
idle", but to no avail:

apt-get always will remove idle, but not install the new idle-python1.5.
I have no idea why.

I don't want to make another empty transitional package "idle" if it's
not necessary. Certainly providing such an package would resolve that
problem, but that's ugly.


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