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LibGGI & policy, static libs, Bug#102675

(Crossposted d-devel intentionally. Replies to d-mentors only, please).

GGI project released GGI 2.0. Debian is going woody. I would like to 
have a clean GGI in woody, but trouble with bugs and policy.

Libgii and libggi, the DYNAMIC duo, lived, more or less happily, for a 
long time without any static libs, secretly violating policy, sometimes 
having fun with it but mostly had they other problems.

Now some nosy stepped on it and filed (forgetting gii):

Bug#102675: libggi2-dev: should provide static archives
Datum: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 13:14:33 +0200
Von: Gergely Nagy <8@free.bsd.hu>
An: submit@bugs.debian.org

Package: libggi2-dev
Version: 1:
Severity: serious

According to debian policy, section 11.2, the -dev package must
contain a static library too, which libggi2-dev does not have. This
breaks static compiling of mplayer for example, so I can't watch ascii
pr0n on our server (I could, but I don't want to install a great bunch
of packages just for this). So please, please, please fix it as soon
as possible, I can't remain sane in this sorry situation..


After some days of playing around and talking upstream i've come to the 
conclusion that
 - i would want to downgrade that bug anyhow and
 - keep up policy violation at least for another release + fixes.

For some time now GGI packages in Debian haven't been in a good shape.
I took over some of them from cbps, some should/will be.
I'm not a debian-pro nor GGI-adept yet, each release still takes 
considerable time. But wait and see.
I"ll have to leave again for work on sunday for two weeks, unknown 
connectivity ahead..

GGI is a highly dynamic environment, consisting mostly of plugins, 
.so's not registered as ordinary libraries. According to upstream only 
a few men have yet tried to statically link the interface lib's and no 
one is known that has returned from such undertaking (well, me, still 
bleeding - suffering Segmentation faults all along the way).

The upcoming GGI release 2.0.1 (on sunday ?) provides a clean cut in 
the history of beta releases (in debian).
I would build packages using the current structure, but as upstream has 
split libggimisc out of the main archive, either a local remerge or 
introduction of one additional source and propably two new binary 
packages would have to take place. 

These packages should go to woody: libgii, libggi, (libggimisc).

After they are finished, there are: svgalib4libggi, libggidemos, 
xserver-ggi. (Upstream-) Status of those is unclear, but BTS alone 
promises some work. I will bug ftp.d-o for their removal short before 
woody actually freezes, shouldn't they be in shape 'til then.

After all that, a rethinking and possible restructuring of the package 
layout will be next. I don't want to promise anything now, but as far 
as 'real world' let's me do so, my ongoing interest is that Debian,  
GGI and myself ;-) are looking good.

Now i need your comments and suggestions. Thank you, greetings, martin

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