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Tarball question

    Hi folks!

I am just preparing a new Debian release of the Mozart package,
which I took over from Ralf Treinen, and have a little question
concerning the organisation of the package.

Mozart upstream offers two tarballs: One containing the
complete sources, including sgml sources for the documentation,
and one convenience tarball containing a precompiled
html-version of the documentation.

I see two solutions:

1. I keep up the distinction between the two tarballs. This has
the disadvantage that I have two write two rules files etc. and
yields two orig.tar.gz.

2. I merge the two tarballs into one, which contains the
original tarballs in two subdirectories. This would be nice
because I would need only one orig.tar.gz, and would not
increase the total size.

3. I build the documentation from the sources. This requires
Java, and as this is a somewhat tricky dependency, this
solution was given up some time ago.

I would be glad to hear your comments.


Marco Kuhlmann                                      mk@debian.org

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