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warning in Plex86


In the README file of the Plex86 program, you can find the following warning:

  | IMPORTANT NOTICE                                                |
  | This code is EXTREMELY EXPERIMENTAL, and may well result in a   |
  | SYSTEM CRASH, and who knows what other ill effects.  RUN THIS   |
  | SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  As a precaution, do not attempt to  |
  | run this software on a system with important data on it, and    |
  | make liberal use of the sync command!  Expect to have to use    |
  | the power button.                                               |

Should this warning determine that this software should stay in 'unstable' and not get into 'testing'
untill they make a stable release? If so, who should i contact about that matter?

Also, should i make a "postinst" script that prints that message to ensure the user knows he/she is
installing dangerous software?

BTW, if anyone is already working on Plex86 please notice me ASAP. I haven't started yet.

Robert Millan               Debian GNU (Hurd) user
zeratul2 wanadoo es  http://getyouriso.org/

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