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Re: Orphaning a package without being able to change maintainer info?

On Thu, Aug 09, 2001 at 09:52:49PM -0700, Tor Slettnes wrote:
> I need to orphan a package that's specific to the ARM architecture,
> because my Netwinder broke down (We had some severe power spikes about
> a month ago, which killed it).  I no longer have an ARM build machine.
> The Debian Developer's Reference says to change the maintainer to
> "Debian QA Group".  Since I no longer can build the package, I also
> cannot upload a version with updated maintainer information.
> Have I misunderstood what I need to do?  Or do I have to rebuild the
> package in order to change its maintainer information?

You should be able to build the package on one of Debian ARM machines, or
ask the ftpadmins to make an override for it, setting it to the QA Group.

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