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Re: Help needed making a collection of fonts into a .deb

Matt Chisholm <matt@theory.org> writes:

> I've tried using dh_make on a tarball of my fonts, and this has
> produced a plethora of files, and I'm somewhat stuck on the "rules"
> file. I think I can figure this out, if I keep plugging away at it.

Like I mentioned, you mainly have to fill out the install target.
build is unnecessary for you.

> My question is:
> Is this an appropriate way to proceed (using another package as a
> model?)? Will I run into any terrible problems using this method?

Well, if it works, it works. But for your package to become a "proper"
Debian package, you must provide a source package as well. See
Joshua's description of the process.

> Thanks for everyone who responded to my original letter. I don't
> mean to be a nuisance and ask (what must seem to you) silly
> questions.

You are completely on-topic here, so no nuisance at all.

The following, OTOH, is a bit of a tangent...

> These are PostScript fonts, and PostScript is a language (by some
> stretch of the imagination).

It is definitely a turing-complete language -- indeed I have
implemented twofish in it. But so is machine language, and we do not
usually call this source.

> PostScript/TrueType fonts can be created by a number of programs
> (nothing for *nix, AFAIK), and these programs are basically drawing
> programs which output PostScript and TrueType code which draws each
> letter.

I think the central point is whether you, as a competent font designer
with appropriate tools, can easily create a new version from these
files. (IOW, can you /load/ them?)


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