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I've packaged twisted (http://twistedmatrix.com) a neat server framework
in Python. This software allows one to easily write webservers, but does
so much more that I don't want it to server webpages by default.

So I wrote a utility (contributed upstream, and will be released in 0.9.6)
called tap2deb. It takes a .tap file (a twisted application description
file) and builds a debian package around it that installs it and 
sets up the correct /etc/init.d scripts.

Currently, my thoughts are that for the next release of twisted
I'll create several such packages (twisted-web, twisted-words 
(an IRC/IM server) and maybe more) and upload them to Debian, and
update them from time to time. 

Would that be considered acceptable practice?

Thanks in advance.

Moshe Zadka - http://moshez.geek
(if you're not cool, http://moshez.org is still working)

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