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debconf trouble

Hi folks,
debconf is driving me crazy. I am using debconf on a multi binary package to
display a note. Its working fine in one package but not at all in the main
package and I do not understand why.
Installing the package (with DEBUG) gives me this:

Unpacking replacement moon-buggy ...
Setting up moon-buggy (0.5.52-6) ...
debconf (developer): frontend started
debconf (developer): frontend running, package name is moon-buggy
debconf (developer): starting /var/lib/dpkg/info/moon-buggy.config configure 0.5.52-6
debconf (developer): <-- INPUT high moon-buggy/old_score_file
debconf (developer): --> 10 "moon-buggy/old_score_file" doesn't exist
debconf (developer): <-- GO 
debconf (developer): --> 0 ok
debconf (developer): starting /var/lib/dpkg/info/moon-buggy.postinst configure 0.5.52-6

root@gleep:/var/cache/debconf>grep old_score_file templates.dat
Name: moon-buggy/old_score_file
Owners: moon-buggy/old_score_file

I can not spot the typo, or is the problem somewhere else?

Another thing, how can I force debconf to display the note (its a note, not
a question). When I reinstall the package the question(???) is skipped, but
I want it to be displayed everytime.

debconf (developer): <-- INPUT high moon-buggy-esd/old_score_file
debconf (developer): --> 30 question skipped
debconf (developer): <-- GO 
debconf (developer): --> 0 ok

Please somebody help before I get more and more bug reports of the same
problem again and again...

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