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RE: 2.2.1 -> 2.2.2 2.2.1: logout problems 2.2.2 2.2.2 changes 2.2.2 / kmail performance 2.2.2? - New install 2.2.2's upload After much fighting and swearing I finally got KDE2.2.1! almost there.. I think (KDE2.2 install) apt-get update fails for KDE Re: apt problems apt-update and 2.2.11 ARTS, ALSA, and DevFS artsd over network audiocd ioslave mp3 Awkward behaviour with USB mouse Fwd: Bug#35197: attaching a file that is in other partition crashes Building QT on Debian Cannot see fonts from non-KDE applications Can't locate module net-pf-10 cookies copy/paste behavior in KDE CPU Utilization DCOP errors and libkdeui errors Disk access *every* 5 seconds? Dodgy return address Drag 'n' Drop quirks... EURO SUPPORT DOCUMENT Evolution faux pas, Module config file conflict in kdelibs4 filters in kmail Flash again (Re: Flash & Konqueror -- Coexistence in Question) RE: Font Problem Fwd: (forw) PR ports/31629 (People with access to non-FreeBSD Unix needed to help) Freaky Fonts With Update To 2.2.2 frustration with konsole and foreground/background colors [Fwd: kde 2.2 upgrade] GNOME event sounds under KDE Grokking KDE installation (Re: KDE directory layout) hanging in konqueror Re: hanging in konqueror -> libqt broken Help -- My CPU is overrun Help -- noatun starts with no display highly [OT] debian matlab Hotkey Bindings (was Re: Secret Feature) How I can I Anti-Alias Adobe-Helvetica? How to bork KDE2 HTTPS -- ??? Is KDE 2.2.1 really in testing? Kamera in 2.2.2? kapm-idle KasBar in 2.2.1 kde KDE 2.1.2 (Woody) mixes Englisch/German Re: KDE 2.1.2 (Woody) mixes Englisch/German KDE 2.2.1 for Debian/Alpha kde 2.2.1 soundserver vs dmasound KDE 2.2 in woody? kde 2.2.x on potato (self compiled) KDE 3? Re: KDE3 KDE advice/removal kde-devel broke my X? KDE directory layout KDE & euro kdelibs3 kdelibs3-crypto <> https KDE & metamail (mailcap) Kde metapackage Kde mouse problems Re: kde objprelink and new binutils kde - power savings kde & power savings kde problem after install a package from unstable kde's sound works, other utilities' doesn't kdevelop problem with kdm bug kdm chooser incorrectly reports Display not authorized kdm is dead kdmrc KDM Upgrade oddness keybindings RE:khelp not working right Kicker dies!!! Klipper and IP-addresses klisa Fwd: KMail and Debian packages Kmail mime format kmail & pgp signing Re: kmail: pop3 with ssl fails kmail setup kmozilla knewsticker crashes! koffice final in testing? konq in ftp mode konq-plugins konqueror and flash plugin Konqueror gets weird Konqueror menus konsole and curses and bears oh my! Re: korinoco and kreatecd in debian sid KStyle breakage libdcopc-dev lpr -#1 mime format in kmail missing (fwd) More on libkdeui problems Re: More on libkdeui problems FIXED! mosfet liquid 0.7 Netscape6.2/Mozilla0.9.5 broken for Debian/Sid Netscape 6.2/Mozille 0.9.5 now fails in Debian/Sid new kde-i18n-es: strange mixture of english + spanish noatun audio formats? "no space left on device" [OFF-TOPIC]Re: quickcam and sid (kernel 2.4.14) ok folks...let's talk freeze... old bugs An oops other notes about the 2.2.2 packages OT mouse excel under x package update in woody gives kde errors Re: package update in woody gives kde errors & KDE advice/removal Panel dies after X/KDE upgrade Panel Icons? password caching Please help me fix libkssl errors. Printer works fine now, but not with non-kde apps? Private Color map Problem Adding A Printer To KDE Problems compiling kdelibs package. Help! Problems with Home / End keys, Konsole and ssh Progs in KDE 2.2.1 Property 'Export' is defined multiple times [was Re: Disk access *every* 5 seconds?] QNiX Theme Qt quickcam and sid (kernel 2.4.14) Reply List [was Re: filters in kmail] Reverting some packages from unstable->testing Re: "Save Link as..." in ftp-mode Secret Feature Shockware Plugin for Konqueror shred status of 2.2.1 Status of share/config --> share/kde2/config for 2.2.2 ? Still trying to fix kmail and konq Strange message when starting KDE app Strange segfaults Submenu in Control bar Suggestion for the Enhanced Browsing testing means testing Re: Themes for Debian [Was: TEMAS PARA DEBIAN] This made my day ;) trying to upgrade KDE - now nothing works! two knewsquestions ui_standards.rc & KDE3 (Ivan?)? unmet dependencies ? unofficial package: gwenview unstable KDE situation? Re: unstable KDE situation? TESTING Update 2.2.1 -> 2.2.2 -> weird behavior Upgraded to 2.2 - mail now broken The last update was on 17:41 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 542 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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