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Re: KMail and Debian packages

> I would have to say that overall for the time that testing has been in place
> unstable has been more stable in my opinion.  Usually when unstable breaks

I don't know. I ran unstable once. It killed my whole system. There was a
fix, but only for developers, it was too hard for a humble desktop users
like myself.

I thought that unstable means that packages are just made and thrown in
there, letting darwinian forces sort things out. I could be wrong here.

I'm thinking that a lot of these problems will go away after woody is
released. It's going to be the first official stable ver to have kde. I'm
thinking that many people who want a stable desktop w/ kde on there will
stick to woody for a while. I'm still using potato at home (on internet
connection) and I'm finding that it works just fine for just about
everything. Kind hearted people even made potato kde iso's and someone put
out packages for 2.4.

I'm trying not to cry here, but god I love debian.


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