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Re: trying to upgrade KDE - now nothing works!

 I had first to unistall
> all KDE packages and install the new ones after and than it worked.

It works if you don't, but the system is "cleaner" if you do so. Make sure to
install ALL KDE2.2 related apps from unstable!!! (especially the libs and
doc-debs!!!) But all in all it works really fine, I'm just writing from a
woody-box with sid's KDE-packages... and my KDE-session is running several
days now...

ok.. so I have got it downloading Woody from testing. Once I have that installed should I then uninstall any KDE related stuff?

Then where do I find the KDE2.2 binaries? In unstable? How do I just get those and not end up upgrading accidentally to the unstable version of Debian? (I'm still struggling a bit with apt-get so apologies if these are really silly questions).


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