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Re: KDE directory layout

On Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 12:52:38PM -0500, Merv Curley wrote:
> On November 4, 2001 01:32 pm, you wrote:
> >
> > My problem is that once I install kde 3.0 libraries, kde 2.x stops working!
> >
> > > All the problems I see,  could be solved with the use of a few symlinks [
> > > to get back to a working KDE ].
> >
> > Hmm. Could you elaborate on that?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> All current QT stuff goes into its own directory,  eg  qt-2.3.1.
> the new QT-3  goes in qt-3.0
> set $QTDIR  to qt
> Make a symlink 'qt' to qt-2.3.1.   When you want to try out kde3  change the 
> symlink. to the other directory.   This symlink stuff is easy to do in 
> Midnight Commander ( console version) incidentally.
> Now go through the same procedure for kde.   You could have any number of 
> older kde versions available.  This was what SuSE did in 7.x  when they 
> wanted to include 1.45 and 2.0  beta.  I had the 2.0 beta  and several 2.0.x 
> versions at one time.  It only takes a minute or two to change the 2 or 3 
> symlinks, log out and back in.  
> You also have to include the qt3 directory in /etc/lib????  I think there are 
> 4 things to be done but my memory fades.  Have to find my notes.

And you can have both QT versions installed at the same time..just not
the dev packages.  I'm not going to contribute 2 totally different versions
of KDE in the distribution.  Talk about a waste of space.  If you want
to have multiple versions of KDE be my guest, but the packages I build will
always replace each other and will always follow FHS as best I can as well
as Debian policy.  

I'm also not going to even attempt to support that many kde configs.  It's a
bitch right now when I'm dealing with the stuff in testing and the stuff in
sid...and the mixture of the two...imagine the issues that would be caused
if people were mixing kde2 and kde3 stuff.  

And I'm not going to spend the time to do the coding necessary to make this
all work properly in the first place...cause you know most users are willing
to spend the minute to change the 2 or 3 symlinks, log out and back in..they'll
want it to just work and then complain when one version of KDE hoses their
config files for the other version and nothing works..then bitch even louder
when they have to wipe their ~/.kde directory.

If you want this ability then:
   1:  Figure it all out
   2:  Make sure it follows FHS
   3:  Make sure if follows Debian policy
   4:  Make sure it's very easy for a user to use
   5:  Submit a patch


Ivan E. Moore II
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