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KDE & metamail (mailcap)


I'm not a reader of this list. Excuse my 'breaking into' the list, but I
haven't find a better place to send this mail to. (I'm not sure whom this
thing concerns - KDE or Debian.)

I run a Linux with a few users and a few different GUIs (KDE, fvwm2,
..). Each user has his/her own taste. That seems to be all right.

But after installing KDE, something strange happened: viewing a text/html
attachment from pine on a fvwm2 desktop, Konqueror started. Well, it
installed itself in the mailcap file. That is all right, also. If a user
likes KDE, Konqueror is the right thing.

But it's quite annoying for a user accustomed to fvwm2, because Konqueror
starts very slowly then (no KDE daemons running, takes a lot of time and
resources to launch them).

What can I do then? Placing Konqueror later in the mailcap list is not a
solution: under KDE it should run first.

I have a better, lot better solution: changing the lines in mailcap
(actually, the files in /usr/lib/mime/packages) eg. from this:
text/html; konqueror '%s';test=test "$DISPLAY" != ""
to this:
text/html; konqueror '%s';test=test "$KDE_DISPLAY" != ""
(it seems to me that KDE has this sort of variable always set.)

Now, if the user likes KDE, Konqueror starts first. If it isn't KDE, then
some other app.

But here's my problem: shall I install a newer version, my changes will
be lost. I suppose it isn't a bad idea that it should look like that in
the original package. Or am I wrong?



Norbert Buchmuller <norbi@tiszanet.hu>

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