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Reply List [was Re: filters in kmail]

On Saturday 03 November 2001 11:20, David P James wrote:
> I just recently started subscribing to the debian-kde and debian-user
> mailing lists, and I've got filters set up in kmail to transfer mailings
> from those lists to specific folders. The folders have got the "folder
> holds mailing-list" option checked with the post address field filled out as
> well. But whenever I reply to a posting it defaults to sending it to the
> original sender (no real surprise there). I can send a *new* message to the
> mailing list by right-clicking on the folder, but not a reply. Instead I
> have to use "reply-all" and then remove the address of the original sender
> (so he doesn't get the same message twice). Does anyone else who uses KMail
> (1.2 with KDE 2.1.2) have a solution to this?

Ok, I found an answer of sorts... Under Message there is the option of 'Reply 
List' which does just that, and one can use 'L' to do so. Ok, so now my 
question is more like is there a way to customize the icons on the control 
bar at the top to insert the option to reply to list?

This reply list feature is quite neat, btw. It automagically removes the 
previous person's signature and the mailing list signature from your reply... 
(though some might want to requote the previous person's signature I suppose).

David P. James
Third Year Economics
Queen's University,
Kingston, Ontario

The bureaucratic mentality is the only constant in the universe.
-Dr. Leonard McCoy, Star Trek IV

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