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RE: RE:khelp not working right

I have exactly the same problem - with 2.1 that was OK, but in 2.2 - the
same message.

An one more problem - if I lock my screen (pressing lock button in the
kpanel), I cannot unlock it: password always fails!!!! How that can be?

Thank you


> I am running testing w/ the kde2.2.1 packages out of testing except for kmail 
> from unstable.  All seems well except khelp will only view Unix man/info 
> pages not kde application help.  The error is as follows:

> Could not start process
> Unable to create io-slave
> klauncher said unknown protocol 'help'

> Anyone else have this?  I was running 2.1 without problems so...

> TIA!!

> -john

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