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kde - power savings

This might sound strange, but some very limited experiments here show....

My hard drive is set up to park after 60 seconds of use.
It does that just fine.

It seems at the moment that as soon as I change the focus from one window to the next, the hard drive spins up and then parks after another 60 seconds.
This is killing my battery savings!
I have debug turned off in the /etc/init.d/kdm

Any suggestions?

I have most/all of the goodies from the HOWTO ('-' preceeding syslog entries, noflushd, no irda...). I used to get a routine 6-8 hours on my notebook and now am down to <4 (It's got two batteries, that's why the numbers are so high). But with a migration to kde (from gnome) it's gotten really poor lately.


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