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Update 2.2.1 -> 2.2.2 -> weird behavior

After updating kde from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2, I see the following (really
annoying) issues:

1) Sound server does not start, even though it is properly configured.
However, sound works as soon as I 
	- change any setting under Sound -> Sound Server, 
	- APPLY it, 
	- change it back to the original setting, 
	- and APPLY again.

However, as soon as I leave KDE and restart it, I have to go this
procedure again to get sound working.

2) Fonts for non-KDE apps:

I use Opera. "General font" is set to verdana/8 under Look & Feel ->
Fonts. AA is on and working correctly.

Under 2.2.2, opera starts with a big (aa'd) font, whatever that is, it's
not verdana. However, as soon as I "change" the font setting for General
font under Look & Feel-> fonts to the SAME font that already was
selected and APPLY these "changes", Opera shows up with usual verdana

Again: Quitting KDE and restarting it brings me back to wrong fonts.

3) Battery Monitor does not show up automatically on starting KDE.

Again, the same thing: It shows up as soon as I "change" its setting
under Power Control -> Battery Monitor twice, ie to the same setting as
before, and APPLY.

And again: Leaving and restarting KDE does not make the battery monitor
show up.

4) Konsole

Under 2.2.1, console restored the screen after "vi" or "most", leaving
the prompt in the LAST line of the display. That was correct behavior. 

Now, under 2.2.2, console restores the screen, but leaves the prompt in
the FIRST line of the screen - so that whatever I type just overwrites
the previous screen contents. Definitely wrong behavior!


a) Can anyone confirm these issues?
b) Am I missing anything obvious? I already tried deleteing
~/.kde/share/config, forcing KDE to create a new config but the behavior
is the same. AFAIK Ivan did not change the config files' location, am I
c) Fix?

Kernel 2.4.15pre7
KDE 2.2.2
X 4.1.0-9


Thomas Winischhofer
Vienna/Austria                  Check it out:         
mailto:tw@webit.com              *** http://www.webit.com/tw

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