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Re: KDE & euro

Jan Bretschneider schrieb am Saturday, den 10. November 2001:

> If I change LANG from "de_DE.ISO-8859-15" to "de_DE@euro" I get 
> question marks in konsole, kwrite, kmail etc. With 
> LANG=de_DE.ISO-8859-15 I get €'s (Euro).
> And as you see `locale charmap` outputs 'ISO-8859-15' for me.

I have the same locale settings as you have but there are still
poroblems with KDE's konsole.

I use 
  echo "keycode  26 = e E EuroSign cent" | xmodmap -
to make the Alt-Gr+E key work. I set the font in KDE to one with charset
ISO-8859-15 and I can see the Euro in all KDE applications except
"konsole". In konsole, I just get a question mark. (I use the Unicode
font setting, but even choosing a ISO-8859-15 font didn't change that.

I tried to use 
  echo "keycode  26 = e E currency cent" | xmodmap -
but now I get the generic currency sign in all KDE applications. The
konsole displays the generic currency sign if I use the Unicode setting,
but I get question marks with the ISO-8859-15 fonts.

What font are you using with the konsole program?


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