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Re: Cannot see fonts from non-KDE applications

On Tuesday 13 November 2001 13:03, Pablo de Vicente wrote:
> I am using KDE 2.2.1 with anti-aliasing and True-Type fonts and when I run 
> non-KDE applications like Netscape, Acroread, or any other which uses 
> lesstiff I cannot see the fonts. I only get squares in place of each 
> character.
>  Any ideas on how to solve this, keeping Anti-Aliasing?

Install xfs-xtt and configure it to serve the TT and freefonts
Works for me with Xfree 3 and 4

I've read that Xfree 4 can handle TT and freefont itself but
I've not tried it yet and I'm not sure if this just refers to the RENDER
extention or if the xtt part of xfs is now included in the Xfree 4

>  I am using TrueType and freefont fonts and I think that I cannot use any of 
> the latter (freefont). In the Kcontrol Center I only get the True Type fonts 
> in the list.

When you use Anti-Aliasing make sure that the path to the freefonts is listed
in /etc/X11/XftConfig.

> thanks,
> Pablo de Vicente
> KDE spanish translation team
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