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	I wrote this due to a mail from javi (jballes@molina) in the
debain-user-spanish list. He did not write that the problem was solved
(I gather after talking in debian-user-spanish he sent his problems
to debian-kde).

	I will fix this, of course :)


> Hello,
>   In the previous web page (section 5.2.7) it says "....
> 5.2.7 KDE
> FIXME: Text needed 
> It seems that KDE 2 euro support is not yet working properly. 
> More info at http://users.pandora.be/sim/euro/112/
> ..... "
>   and that is NOT correct. KDE supports the euro and it works fine in all 
> aplications as has already been discussed several times in this list.
>  And, as Hasso Tepper has just said it was already supported in Potato, 
> something I did not know at all...:-) up to now:

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