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Re: Drag 'n' Drop quirks...

On Thu, 29 Nov 2001 10:58, Trevor Phillips wrote:
> *The other quirk is probably related to Xinerama: If I drag something and
> drop it on an app in the second screen, then it's as if I dropped it onto
> the desktop - it doesn't drop into the app at all. Dragging the same link,
> and dropping on the same window, after moving it to the primary screen,
> works as it should. Are other Xinerama users experiencing the same problem?
> I'm not sure which package this latter problem is a part of. kwin, maybe?

Ok, I found a similar bug report in kdelibs, so it has been noted. It's still 
bizarre and annoying. It also explains why in kmail I couldn't drag a message 
to another folder. It seems to affect ALL drag'n'drop. ^_^

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