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Re: KMail and Debian packages

On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 03:24:09PM -0500, James Lindenschmidt wrote:
> Forgive my newbieness, but it seems you are saying that unstable is actually 
> more stable than testing. Since I am primarily a user who wants a good 

I run stable on my edge servers, no X, no problems. For my workstations
(home and work) and my laptop, I run unstable. I've generally found that
packages in unstable are either (A) Fine, or (B) so borked (dependencies
or whatever) that they don't even run. Turns out, the times I've run
testing, it's the little tweaks that are made to adjust this and that in
the approach to a "stable" Woody, that breaks my system more often and
worse than the sometimes BIG changes that happen in unstable. I'm
thinking Lorentz Attractor, here.



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