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Re: Cannot see fonts from non-KDE applications

El Mar 13 Nov 2001 19:01, Achim Bohnet escribió:
> On Tuesday 13 November 2001 13:03, Pablo de Vicente wrote:
> > I am using KDE 2.2.1 with anti-aliasing and True-Type fonts and when I
> > run non-KDE applications like Netscape, Acroread, or any other which uses
> > lesstiff I cannot see the fonts. I only get squares in place of each
> > character.
> >
> >  Any ideas on how to solve this, keeping Anti-Aliasing?
> Install xfs-xtt and configure it to serve the TT and freefonts
> Works for me with Xfree 3 and 4
> I've read that Xfree 4 can handle TT and freefont itself but
> I've not tried it yet and I'm not sure if this just refers to the RENDER
> extention or if the xtt part of xfs is now included in the Xfree 4
> Xserver.
> >  I am using TrueType and freefont fonts and I think that I cannot use any
> > of the latter (freefont). In the Kcontrol Center I only get the True Type
> > fonts in the list.
> When you use Anti-Aliasing make sure that the path to the freefonts is
> listed in /etc/X11/XftConfig.

 It was. Well, never mind it has began to work suddenly. I changed nothing, 
just upgraded!.

> Achim


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