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RE: ok folks...let's talk freeze...

"Ivan E. Moore II" <rkrusty@tdyc.com>  wrote:
> --snip-- <
> is there any pressing things that needs to be done to the packages that 
> are currently in sid?  Patches, submissions, last minute simple changes?
> Speak now or forever hold your piece.  In a few weeks it will be RC bug
> fixes only.
> Ivan

Ivan, I am back with my list of "nits" for your consideration.  Same old
stuff...klisa doesnt work properly plus a suggestion on the initial
(startup) wallpaper on the main kde screen.  All of these suggestions &
nits apply to both the ALPHA and i386 arches.  All are confirmed on the
most recent packages from SID updated as of yesterday, 28 Nov 01.

Problem #1.  Clicking on "Local Network" will only find the "localhost"
and no other network hosts.  This remains as such even after configuring
klisa in Control Center--> Network --> Lan Browsing.  Investigation
reveals that when klisa is configured this way, it will ALWAYS save the
lisarc file in /etc/lisarc.  However, the klisa initscript in
/etc/init.d/klisa is set to read its configuration info from
/etc/kde2/lisarc.  Therefore the updated local config information in
/etc/lisarc is never read.  This problem appeared in KDE 2.2.X, and was
not present in KDE 2.1.2.

FIX to #1.  There are probably better ways to do this, but I moved the
supplied /etc/kde2/lisarc file out of the way and created a symlink to
the /etc/lisarc file and re-started klisa.  It will now "see" the other
computers on the LAN.  I tried the symlink the other way (from
/etc/lisarc --> /etc/kde2/lisarc) but when I configured the network "Lan
Browsing" again, the symlink was removed and a new /etc/lisarc file was

Problem #2.  Clicking on the (+) sign beside the "Local Network" icon
will produce this error: "Cannot find parent item lan://localhost/ in
the tree.  Internal Error".  Blind investigation here have revealed the
"URL" line in the
<HOME>/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/dirtree/remote/lan.desktop file is set
to "URL=lan:/".  Changing this to read "URL=lan://localhost/" will
restore normal behavior and clicking on the (+) sign beside the "Local
Network" icon will expand to a sub-tree of all the LAN comuters found. 
This problem appeared in KDE 2.2.X, and was not present in KDE 2.1.2. 
BTW, I have found similar bug reports on the KDE bug list from other
distros (SuSE,Mandrake).  This would indicate this may be more of a KDE
"generic" problem than just a Debian version problem.

FIX to #2.  For all accounts that already have a <HOME>/.kde/ directory,
the local sysadmin will have to manually edit the
<HOME>/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/dirtree/remote/lan.desktop file and
make this change to make the system work correctly.  

HOWEVER, for new accounts and/or new installs of KDE where there is NOT
an existing .kde directory, if the
/usr/share/apps/konqueror/dirtree/remote/lan.desktop file contains this
edit, then it will be applied to each new KDE setup created.  This
change also will allow deletion of old ~/.kde directories and
re-generation of a corrected lan.desktop file automatically. This is
something to consider for the final package if a better solution is not

PROBLEM #3.  The initial background is set to display the "Debian.jpg"
wallpaper, however this wallpaper is never shown when first starting up
KDE and going through the new setup wizard.  I can later get it to
display by first turning off the wallpaper setting (none) in Control
Center --> Look & Feel --> Background and applying that new config, THEN
redoing the above and selecting the Debian.jpg wallpaper and applying it
again.  This same thing has shown up on 4 different computers here over
multiple installs (> 6) of KDE 2.2.2 .

FIX to #3.  (Suggested).  Since the wallpaper is not currently being
shown anyway, why not just set the default wallpaper to "none".  This
will possibly save some memory for users will limited memory resources.

Submitted for your consideration.

-Don Spoon-

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