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Adjusting php flags on a site by site basis. apache broke Apache logrotate problem - SN-a-001 Apache / SUEXEC on woody... AW: Ok, I'm sold! blocking trough MAC Address [Commercial] Need a Debian unmanaged server Controlling IP traffic (e.g. per month) Converting /home/* from Susie to Debian Cyrus login with ? debian install on software raid DNS zone file audit tool Easy way to control .forward files? expect Forced DHCP setup General DNS question? Haftalik Bulten [Help] continue https certificate date Re: help with user quotas how to use web based change LDAP password? IDE backup on single host (was: Re: Software backup) Ihre Website bringt jetzt Bares! ipchains and ftp problem LDAP and email LSB and Debian, Commercial perspective Making packages apt-get able. Re: Memory leak on reload when the 'Pg' driver is preloaded mon - monitor hosts Support XFS filesystem? Moving from BSDi mysqlsnapshot and InnoDB tables NETWORK ROUTES Odd network behaviour Ok, I'm sold! pam_userdb and version of .db-file POP-before-SMTP w/Exim and Courier IMAP/POP? port 137 scans postfix-mysql problems Postfix + SASL Authentication failed Problems with horde-imp under postgresql Re: Problems with horde-imp under postgresql Problems with sync NFSv3 Problem with dlink DSL-Router Problem with ifconfig??? Problem with sshd2 package ssh2 Rare masq. problem [RE: Forced DHCP setup] sendmail upgrade shaper problem Software backup (was: New approach with removable IDE RAID Backup) SpamAssassin not using MySQL preferences Spamd not accessing MySQL database SQUID LOG subscribe Re: understanding Routing Cisco vs. Linux unsubscribe Using testing (sarge) in production. UUNet down Re: Fw: VIRUS IN YOUR MAIL (W32/BugBear.A (Clam)) The last update was on 16:46 GMT Wed May 01. There are 212 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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