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Re: Fw: VIRUS IN YOUR MAIL (W32/BugBear.A (Clam))

On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 04:51, Brian May wrote:
> AFAIK transparent proxying in Linux is limited to redirecting all ports
> to a given port another host. It is not possible for the proxy server to
> tell, for instance what the original destination IP address was.
Is this true, or will a getsockname() performed on a TCP socket which
was created as one endpoint of a connection which is being transparently
proxied give the client's intended destination address?  I do not know.

> A transparent HTTP proxy relies on the server name HTTP1.1 request
> field to determine what host the client really wanted to connect to.
> (this has been tested with Pacific's transparent proxy).
I do know that all HTTP/1.1 requests must contain a Host: header to be
valid.  Even if you knew the destination IP address, if you did not have
a Host: header you couldn't successfully complete an HTTP/1.1 request.

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