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Apache logrotate problem - SN-a-001


I have a problem here, and can't make it through by myself:
my apache server crashes randomly when logrotating:
[Tue Sep 24 06:25:14 2002] [alert] Child 1841 returned a Fatal error...
Apache is exiting!
Most of the times, childs remain, but the parent process dies.

for the moment i use netsaint to monitor through nrpe the apache parent
process and childs. if there's a problem, i do a killall -TERM(or -KILL)
apache, then start it with apachectl. it starts ok.

i'm now working on starting and monitoring apache using djb's daemontools,
but can't get it right. seems that no matter what, apache will fork, making
svscan state it as down, and starting it again, looping (cannot bind to
port - it's already opened by the first process that forked).

my server binds to port 80, and 4000-40010(for https - vhosts)
i need some advice on resolving this issue and also some opinions about
starting apache with tcpserver(from djb's ucspi-tcp) in inetd mode (or
generally about the performance of apache started in inetd mode)

Statu Nascendi.

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