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Re: Ok, I'm sold!

I had this done to me about a year ago.   I swore that I'd NEVER convert!!

Shortly after the first one, I had him converting production servers on the fly - wow!  scary!!!  (he said it was kind of like changing the engine of a car going 100MPH down the highway...)


At 02:13 PM 10/29/02, you wrote:


Always nice to see someone fall in love with Debian :-)

> Thanks to a friend very familiar with Debian I have my first Debian server
> up
> and running on a Dual Processor IBM Netfinity Server.  One word:  ROCKS!
> Just in playing around I see what I was hoping for with RH, speed,
> stability,
> performance!  NICE :)
> Moving user accounts over tonight and will start the tests for it to become
> a
> replacement email server.
> Thank you to everyone on the list for your help.
> -Scott


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