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Re: understanding Routing Cisco vs. Linux

Thedore Knab schrieb:

After reading more on this issue, I have decided that I have 2 choices.

Use FreeBSD for a Bridging Bandwidth Shaper/ Firewall or use Linux as a
Routing/ Bandwidth Shaping firewall.

The later seems to be the best idea since I know more about Linux.

I found that Linux does provide Bridging support, but the bridging
support in 2.4.x Kernels is not tied into any firewall support. FreeBSD does have this, so does the 2.5.x Linux kernel. I guess if people want to use Linux as a bandwidth shaping/ firewall bridge they
will have to wait for the 2.6.x kernel.

Linux seems fairly simple to setup as a router. From there the firewall,
and Bandwidth shaping parts can be built on the fly.

In some cases you can do pseudo bridging with ProxyARP.
I use that for firewalling and shaping in a wireless lan and it works fine.

(Please excuse my broken english)

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