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Re: Moving from BSDi


> First, does anyone know of a way to export the user accounts on BSDi and
> import them into
> a Debian box?  I have close to 5,000 accounts I need to bring over.

>From the password database conversion scripts I gather you are storing the
user account information locally. Perhaps with this many users it would be
advisable to use a directory like LDAP to store the user data. This would
provide easier managability if you ever need to have the same accounts on
multiple machines. Also you can ensure redundancy by having multiple
servers. I am using LDAP for our user account authentication and it makes
my job much easier, here is a URL for a document describing how it can be
done :


There are also conversion tools avialable to convert your current user
database in one suitable for import into an LDAP directory, see
www.padl.com. Hope this helps.

Cheers, Fred.

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