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Re: LSB and Debian, Commercial perspective

Not too sure myself.  I've only caught things in passing about it.  They
seem to be quite invovled in the LSB process but I have yet to find an
official announcement stating that it is certified by the LSB.  My guess
is that the rpm thing is going to be a stalling point.  Though, as
mentioned previously, rpm support is available, it is not the preferred
method of package installation which seems to be what the LSB wants.


On Thu, 2002-10-10 at 08:31, Gene Grimm wrote:
> From: "Todd Charron" <tcharron@mnsi.net>
> >
> > I would much prefer the LSB to support .deb as an alternative then to
> > have the rpm support provided by Debian be what "squeaks" it by for
> > certification.  After all, if you're getting support from an LSB
> > certified tech they might just say "install this rpm..." rather then
> > know the more appropriate solution for debian (which might just be "grab
> > this deb from the archive").
> This may be a dumb question, as I haven't had time to fully review this
> myself, but where does Debian stand with certification?
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