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mon - monitor hosts Support XFS filesystem?

Hello List :

	i was used mon to monitor my Diskspace so that i  had installed 2 package as follow:

1. libfilesys-diskfree-perl
2. libfilesys-diskspace-perl

BUT when i execute "freespace.monitor" command ,i got a error!!!!!!!

myhostname:/usr/lib/mon/mon.d# ./freespace.monitor /:5000
An error occured. statfs failed. Did you run h2ph?
Cannot use df on this machine (untested or unsupported). at ./freespace.monitor line 51

i had checked /usr/share/perl5/Filesys/DiskSpace.pm.....its seems not support XFS filesystem!!!!!
and my OS is Debian Woody....

any idea?????   @_@

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