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Re: LSB and Debian, Commercial perspective

El jue, 10-10-2002 a las 03:07, Jason Lim escribió:

> And think of the bigger picture. How do you expect a university, a largish
> business with hundreds of employees, etc. to select Debian over Redhat (or
> one of the so-called "compliant" distros)? Remember most purchases have to
> run by non-tech people, so it doesn't matter how good Debian is "behind
> the scenes"... if they ask the critical question "is it supported by our
> vendors", which do you think they'll choose, Debian or Redhat?

Well... that is the thing.... i work for the vendor... there is a market
for support in the debian platform u know? And its business case against
vendor-supported 'standards-compliant' distribution is as good as the
OSS vs. Propietary.... simply, the cost of mantaining a debian box is
lower than running a redhat boxen,  thus if you sell say, managed
servers for datacenters, you are better using debian as a platform.

Also, HP still supports debian.... now, one thing is true, debian is for
vertical markets and infrastructure... it will never be a Joe User box
cause Joe likes to share software back and forth... hes better off with
a RH based distro (somehow, since he can more reliably install rpms that
his haXor friends pass him). Now, if you run your servers like Joe here,
then debian is definitely not for you.


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