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Re: Easy way to control .forward files?

On Thu, 24 Oct 2002 09:17:36 -0700
"Tony Wasson" <ajwasson@inficad.com> wrote:

> I am looking for a way for our users to control their .forward file.
> We currently don't allow any interactive logins (ssh) by setting the
> shell to/bin/false. We're looking seriously at the spamc/spamd portion
> of SpamAssassin. I'd like for users to be able to tune their settings
> easily.
> Does anyone have ideas? Can anyone report on the usermin-forward
> package? My ideal 'user page' would have options to:
> 1) Change your password
> 2) Turn on/off spam tagging
> 3) Turn on/off virus scanning
> 4) Forward email to a different account
> 5) Set an vacation auto-reply (optional)
> Is there something out there, or should I cobble my own tools
> together?

The closest I could get is Postfix + MySQL and a home-written web
interface to feed MySQL, each user having his own passwd to the web
interface (you can probably do the same with LDAP) + tpop3d compiled
with MySQL support.

This way your have #1 and #4.

For #2, I'm planning to use procmail / spamassassin. Patches for
procmail+MySQL are available here : http://www.posixnet.org/index1.html.
*not tested*

For #3, which anti-virus are you using ? *If* it acts like a SMTP server
and *If* you can set a per-user-relayhost on postfix, then the MySQL
solution *should* be OK. 
Another solution could be to redirect foo@mydomain.com to 
foo@anti-virus.mydomain.com for users who want some virus scanning.

#5 is still an unexplored ground to me (I tend to hate auto-replies because
having a clean configuration seems to be nearly impossible to me)

And I'd add #6 : per-user quota support... Nothing really obvious to do that
so far.

Good hunt for solutions. I'd appreciate to hear about the solutions you've found.


URLs : 
- Postfix+MySQL http://kirb.insanegenius.net/postfix.html
- tpop3d http://www.ex-parrot.com/~chris/tpop3d/

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