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Re: Moving from BSDi

On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, Scott St. John wrote:

> I think I will try this script, THANK YOU.  The biggest problem, which I 
> think we
> have all talked about is that BSDi starts at userid 100.  I think I can 
> modify the
> script to redo the userid count.

Then you will also need to chown the files too.

(When I did it, I just used the Linux system UIDs below 100 and the BSD
regular users 100 and above.)

Also, be sure to copy over your groups file and hand merge.

> I have BSDi for DNS, Radius, Sendmail, FTP and Web.  I put up a Mandrake 
> 8.2 box
> this summer on an IBM Netfinity Server and while the speed is impressive, 
> the fact
> I have to kick it every few days is not.  Cron jobs stop running with no 
> mention in the
> log files, ftp shuts down, etc.  I tried Red Hat 7.3 for a new mail server, 
> but as
> mentioned here yesterday it failed.

That is not good. Since you don't know what the problem is: it could be
hardware related with kernel and the issues could continue under Debian.
Or it could be that version of cron or ftpd, or ...

> >But what are the "performance" issues you have found?
> By performance I mean a couple of things.  Time to deliver mail, time to 
> query a database,
> time to dynamically create a web page, ftp transfer speed, etc.

I am not sure how that will change much with a simple OS change.

> >(By the way, if you are already a BSD administrator, it is easy to move
> >from BSD/OS to NetBSD or FreeBSD).
> I had also considered that, but FreeBSD does not support my hardware (IBM 
> ServerRAID2).

I do see that some *BSDs support its AIC-7880, but I don't know if
that ServeRAID is supported. I do see that IBM has downloads for a few
Linux distributions that may (should) work with Debian.

  Jeremy C. Reed


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