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pam_userdb and version of .db-file

(I'm not really sure this belongs here, but it seems at least as 
 fitting as -user, where I didn't get an answer. If this is the wrong 
 place, just tell me to shut the f**k up ;) - although in that case
 I'd appreciate pointers on where to best ask this)


One of the latest updates to my i386/stable-box gave me severe 
 headaches wrt the subject.

I run cyrus for providing a small handful of users with POP3/
 IMAP4-access, and since I do not want all of them to have shells on my 
 box, I authenticate them via pam_userdb and a separate password-file.
 Until recently this just worked. I'd create the .db-file with 
 sendmails makemap from a "key<whitespace>value\n"-style source.

Now makemap produces "Version 8" (libdb3?) files, which pam_userdb 
 cannot read. After much debugging I've now resorted to creating a 
 "Version 5" .db-file with db_load (from libdb2-util). This seems like
 an ugly kludge (it's far from "intuitive", and db_load wants paired
 lines of input which means I have to rewrite all my little

Is there a "standard" or "preferred" way of doing this? Maybe one which 
 has some probability of surviving the next libdb-/sendmail-upgrade?

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