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mysqlsnapshot and InnoDB tables

Dear friends,

I have successfully setup MySQL replication enviroment in several
clusters at work. The thing is that it is a little cumbersome proccess
as I have to make a snapshot of the databases in the master server
everytime and I have to stop the service in order to do it.

I have just come across mysqlsnapshot [1] and it claims [2] that it can
generate an initial snapshot and consistent bin-log for MySQL
replication (on the master server) without taking the master off-line.
The only catch is that the binary log must already be enabled.

The problem is that I use InnoDB and it is supposed only to work for the
MyISAM kind.

Questions come to my mind:
Would it be very hard to support both kind of databases?
Can any of you share experiences with these replication issues?

Thanks for your time,


[1] - http://jeremy.zawodny.com/mysql/mysqlsnapshot/
[2] - http://jeremy.zawodny.com/mysql/mysqlsnapshot/README

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