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Re: Forced DHCP setup

On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 03:39:01PM -0600, Alex Borges (lex) wrote:
> Hey... I want to tie up users to ip addresses and machines. This way i
> can easyly mangle bandwith, squid acls and lots of stuff through my
> woody box....
> So im thinking maybe the solution is to force users to obtain ip's from
> dhcp and, i users take an ip for which they have no lease, bloack them
> with iptables or somwthing...
> Im thinking this is probably an old trick so im asking here for pointers
> and stuff as i parallely STFW for this setup... ne ideas?
> -- 
> Alex (Lex) Borges
> Software Engineer
> Step One Group
> www.sogrp.com


It is possible to set up DHCP so that a client always gets the same IP address
by using it's MAC address.  If you set up DHCP to only have reserved IP's using
the MAC address and no other IP pool then they can't pick up any other address.

Of course, someone can spoof a MAC and they can still set up their system with
a fixed IP but casual users generally don't know how.

It does require that you know their MAC address they can then only use that
particular NIC unless you make the change.

Man dhcpd.conf for more details.

Many universisties and some ISPs do this.

I don't believe it's possible to have a user log in to get an IP.

Hope this helps.


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